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Summer of Spirits 2016 — Gin Tasting

The Dirty Dozen Tasting

“The 2016 CUWAS Whisky Oscars” at Novi

Introduction to Japanese Sake with Jonathan Beagle” at St Johns College

Dōmo Arigatō: Japanese Whisky Tasting

“The Showdown: Foreign vs Domestic”

“Deluxe Tasting

“We Wish You A Sherry Christmas” Tasting

“Independently Brilliant” Tasting

“Crazy Casks” Tasting

2015 Freshers’ Event

Summer Rum Tasting

2014-2015 Annual Dinner

Islay Tasting

Jazz Night

Laphroiag Brand Ambassador Tasting

“Would I lie to you?” Tasting

Magdalene College Tasting

Lowland Tasting