While it would be both awesome and amazing if these whisky events did just magically happen there are in fact people working behind the scenes to ensure the events (and the whisky) run smoothly.

The committee for the academic year 2017-2018:


Theodore Chua – President






Stephen Kell – Vice President
Stephen first turned up to a CUWAS tasting a couple of years ago, and the rest is history. As a CUWAS regular, he has learnt from the best, turning a mild curiosity into rampant enthusiasm for the widest range of whiskies. With his enthusiasm now reaching Vice-Presidential proportions, he admits still sometimes feeling like a bluffer at tastings — but his bluffing skills keep getting better.


AlanAlan Wilson – Treasurer
Alan is our hidden gem and whisky aficionado, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of most spirits, beers, and ciders. He has the ability to detect the faintest hint in the most delicate whisky. Needless to say, he would win in a committee blind whisky tasting, and is often touted by the rest of us to be most likely to work as a master distiller. Hopefully, he remembers us mere mortals when he makes that perfect dram.



Elena FolladorĀ – Secretary






Guido StollĀ – Events Secretary/Webmaster