Crazy Casks

Friday, 10th November at 8pm in the Tower Room at Selwyn College

Whisky has to undergo a 3 year and a day aging in oak casks, under Scotch Whisky Association regulations in order to qualify as whisky. Most of this maturation is done in either bourbon or sherry casks. However, as the regulations simply say oak, this allows for any oak cask to be used. This has in the past included red wines such as Pinot Noir, dessert wines like Sauternes, virgin oak and even a herring cask in a bizarre tribute to the early days when distillers used herring casks to transport whisky. While not going to the extremes of herring, we have selected a variety of casks which are far from the usual picks of sherry and bourbon, and head towards the crazier side, where flavour combinations go wild.

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