Independents Tasting

Friday, 27th October at 8pm in the Hall of Little St Mary’s Church (Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1QG)

Whisky, as an industry, is largely dominated by corporate industry giants, with 50% of the Scottish distilleries owned by five corporations alone. Without venturing into more specialised shops, it is highly unlikely you will encounter anything beyond the official bottlings. In this tasting, we offer a slice of the world of independent bottlings, whereby bottlers independent of the companies who own the distilleries, buy casks to bottle under their own label. This offers a wider variety of available flavours, as independent bottlers can take greater risks with the cask choice. This also affords a greater understanding of the distillery, as it provides a different facet of the profile of the distillery. This tasting will open your eyes and palates to the greater world beyond the official bottlings.

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