Welcome to the Cambridge University Whisky Appreciation Society (CUWAS)!

We aim to provide an inclusive community, open to all, where we can safely explore the world of whisky.


This is going to be an unusual year for a society that typically holds a dozen or so tasting events in various venues around the city. Informal, relaxed and informative, our tastings welcome students, academics and those with no university affiliation at all. We’ve presented tours of Scotland, Europe, America, Japan, and the world, as well as branching out into Rum, Brandy, and Mezcal tastings. All presented and guided by committee members or external speakers.


Whether you’re completely new to the spirit, or a whisky aficionado we think that our events can offer something for everyone. We try to choose whiskies that offer a variety of flavours and stories, and we hope that you might meet some new friends too. It should be said though, that we are not a ‘drinking’ society; we are seeking to support responsible exploration and appreciation. Our committee has knowledge to share and most importantly a passion for ensuring any time we can all spend together is social and friendly.


We are aiming to host virtual tastings while the virus prevents us from all meeting in person. These will be less frequent than normal and pose the committee some new organisational challenges, so please bear with us. More details will follow about our freshers week events, tastings, and membership so please sign up to our mailing list below.


Elliott Levi – President 2020/21