Welcome to the Cambridge University Whisky Appreciation Society or CUWAS for short!

Throughout the year, we aim to present a variety of whiskies, be it from Scotland or other countries you might not associate with whisky, such as India or Taiwan, as well as other spirits, with the intention to expand your minds (and your palates) to the wider world of spirits which lie beyond.

CUWAS as a society is not just a whisky society, it’s also a great place to meet new people. I’ve made many new friends which I would not have met in my day-to-day at the university. In addition, it’s also a great place to learn about not just about the flavours of whisky, but about the larger context about the different factors which can influence the whisky. With quite a large amount of whisky experience on the committee, it’s certainly a place where you can glean some knowledge into this spirit we all enjoy. That being said, regardless if you’re a whisky connoisseur or if you’re a complete beginner who’s trying a new drink, come and join us and we’ll be glad to have you.

If you would like to join our mailing list, please send a blank email to cuwas-subscribers-join@srcf.net, and please check out all the events we have to offer.


Theodore Chua – President